template – Generic CGM Letter to Congressman

If you go to http://whoismyrepresentative.com/ you can find out who your representative and senators are.  Clicking on a name gives you access to their website or contact form.  The website provides additional contact information. Remember to remove one of the designations (Congressman/Senator). You can click here to view or download the generic letter template document.


Dear Congressional Member/ Senator (Representative full name);

I am one of your proud constituents and would like to bring to your attention the heroic service of a World War Two special unit designated as the 5307th Composite Unit Provisional. The 5307th, popularly known as Merrill’s Marauders, was a combat unit of less than 3,000 men from across the 50 states. Every man was a volunteer for what is now known to have been a long range penetration mission behind the Japanese lines in Burma. In Northern Burma (now known as Myanmar) the 5307th hacked its way through more than 700 miles of the world’s most difficult mountain jungles. They repeatedly attacked the enemy’s infrastructure while spearheading the American-trained Chinese advance and opened a crucial land route to China.

The 5307th was composed of a special kind of volunteer. Normally, detailed facts about a mission are presented and then individuals are given the opportunity to volunteer. These patriotic volunteers who answered President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s worldwide call for a dangerous and hazardous mission didn’t know what or where, only that the expected casualty rate was estimated to be 85% or more and their Country needed them.

No other unit in the annals of military history, before or since, has ever fought under such adverse conditions. Although they continually fought well beyond the known level of human jungle endurance, they succeeded in capturing their main objectives – the only all-weather airstrip in Northern Burma and the town of Myitkyina.

As a patriotic American, I strongly feel that Merrill’s Marauders should be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and I respectfully ask you to cosponsor and/or support Congressman Peter King’s bill, H.R. 667.

Respectfully yours,


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