2016 Reunion Results

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The 70th Marauders Reunion was held the weekend of August 26-28th, 2016 at the Embassy Suites, Philadelphia, PA. Six of our Marauders were in attendance: Bob Passanisi, Marvin Boyegna, Marcos Barelas, Quentin Waite, Ed “Pat” Brown and Gil Howland along with 70 Proud Descendants and guests.

On Friday, reunion attendees were treated to a trip to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, where America was born, and the US. Park Service Rangers treated our men like the heroes that they are. They received special privileges inside Independence Hall where they were presented with an American Flag that flew in front of the Hall with a Certificate certifying it as being on Aug. 17th.

At the Liberty Bell they did what no other person is permitted to do — they were brought into the protective barrier of the Bell, touched it and posed directly next to it! The Flag and Certificate were presented to Col. Martin Klein, Deputy Commander of Joint Base McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst, the guest speaker at the Saturday Banquet, who himself is an Army Ranger and wowed our event. The Flag and Certificate will be displayed at the Ft. Dix Museum along with other Marauder memorabilia that is already there. The Honor Guard was provided by the base as well and were precision performers.

Information on future events will be forthcoming.

Remember, we must never let the legacy and memory of the Marauders fade away.

View the news coverage of the event at: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20160827_At_Liberty_Bell__WWII__Merrill_s_Marauders__soldiers_gather_one_last_time.html

And: http: //6abc.com/society/reunion-for-special-group-of-ww2-veterans/1486992/

“Rangers lead the way.”