71st Annual Merrill’s Marauders Reunion

(Posted January 20th, 2017)

Plans are in the works so mark your calendars!

The date has been set — August 4, 2017 a tour of West Point is being set up with a visit to General Frank Merrill’s Grave. The MM’s and the MMPD Assoc. who attend will lay a wreath at his grave.westpointhdr

Changes to Reunion Format: This is not an organized reunion as has been done in the past. Forthcoming in the new year we will send out airport and hotel listings in the West Point area. It will be up to everyone individually to get there and make accommodations. We will take a head count of who will attend to make proper arrangements for the tour and set a luncheon afterwards that everyone will chip in to pay for. This is the new format.  At the West Point meeting, if it goes well and everyone who attends agrees, we’ll pick a destination for 2018 and use the same format.

Hope to see many of you at West Point.  Proud Descendant Bob Howland is working very hard to set this up and I am grateful to him.

God Bless you all,

Bob Menta

Pres. MMPD


Regarding the new Reunion format:

(Posted Oct. 2016)

At the 2016 Reunion Business Meeting, it was decided that that would be the last official reunion as we know them. However, the consensus is that a more flexible reunion format may allow for increased opportunities to reunite and remember our Marauders. We will do this with a less formal annual reunion, but will also use this page to post smaller Marauder and Proud Descendant gathering info. For instance, MMPD Treasurer, Jerrie Daly, lives in close proximity to four living Marauders, and plans to take them to lunch on Merrill’s Marauders Day, August 10th. We encourage you to keep the memory of our Marauders alive in whatever way you can! So please email if you’re planning a smaller event in your local community, that you would like other Marauders and Proud Descendants to attend. Or perhaps if you’re traveling to an area where you think you may have some Marauder or Proud Descendant friends to catch up with, post it here! Jerrie will also share this information on the Proud Descendants Facebook page in order to further help facilitate these smaller reunions.

2017 Reunion Info (new format): At the 2015 Reunion, West Point was chosen as the location for the 2016 Reunion. Unfortunately due to lower numbers and not being able to fulfill block room and dining contracts, the Association was unable to secure a conference hotel in the West Point area, and therefore had to relocate to Philadelphia for the 2016 Reunion. We still have an obligation to attend West Point, and the good news is that, without the formal reunion set up and having to book a block of rooms and meet a certain quote for food and banquets, there’s no reason we can’t do West Point 2017! The Board will soon work on a list of good hotels, restaurants, etc., in the area, that we will publish here for you trip-planning convenience. We will work to promote stay at a certain hotel so that we can still get some of that valuable reunion time that we’re used to having in the hotel lobby’s and such. But this will also be a chance for those with a tighter budget, or even a wider budget, to customize the trip to their own liking by staying in the hotel of their choice. The main event will be a group excursion tour at West Point, to include some military ceremonies in the Marauders honor. In lieu of the banquet dinners and memorabilia room as we know them, we will instead pursue a group dinner reservation or two at nearby restaurants, and will also try to book a room at one of these restaurants for the memorabilia room.

We look forward to many, many more years remembering our brave heroes, and are hopeful that this revamped reunion format will increase our potential to do just that!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the 71st Annual Reunion!


Jaimie Newby